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Monique Scraper

Monique ScraperPathways Executive Director

"Pathways does important work for our community. I love that we get to help our students grow and lead enriching lives. Our students have so much love, talent, and joy to share with all those around them. It's such a blessing to be a part of an organization that is so special."

Karina Hanson,

Karina Hanson,Program Manager

“I love that the Lord brought me here to Pathways, and I see this carried out every day. I love seeing the growth of our students and lives changed. I am so blessed to work in such a positive atmosphere."


TBDEnrichment Manager

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Mike Mullen,

Mike Mullen,Financial Assistant

"Pathways' mission is important to many families. The opportunity to grow as young adults and achieve success is vital to our student's lives! I am very excited and honored to be a small part of this special team."

Kyle Bloomer,

Kyle Bloomer,Pathways Lead Teacher

“I love the opportunities that Pathways provides our students to showcase their abilities."

Charlene Johnson,

Charlene Johnson,Pathways Lead Teacher

I have found such joy working at Pathways, and joining the Pathways family. I am overjoyed to be working here.

Ted Pritz,

Ted Pritz,Pathways Teacher

"I'm so amazed by the beautiful friendships that Pathways fosters. Here, we build relationships with each other, and we grow in our relationships with the Lord."

Laura Pacenza,

Laura Pacenza,Pathways Teacher


Jessica Mosher

Jessica MosherPathways Teacher

"Pathways makes such a positive difference in not only the students lives but in everyone who is involved in the program. I am so lucky to be surrounded by all of the amazing students and staff."

Laurie Freeman

Laurie FreemanProduct Specialist

"I love working with the Pathways artists. They are so creative, and so eager to try new skills. I look forward to each day that I get to work with them. They have been such a blessing to me."