Adult Learning Center, Inc.

Meet Our Artists


When it comes to working, Eric is our man. He is a very hard worker and focuses on his task the entire time. He also enjoys working alongside his friends, participating in Special Olympics, going out into the community and exploring his creativity through art. “I love coming to Pathways and working on the furniture,” Eric says.


Jennifer has a heart to serve. As soon as she enters the classroom, she asks if there is anything she can do to help. Not only does she enjoy working on crosses, but she enjoys creating ornaments and plates, as well. “I like working on the products and talking with my friends,” Jennifer says. Jennifer also has a strong passion to read her Bible. 


John’s main mission in life is to make people laugh and smile. John works so hard (you can tell by his picture). He loves creating furniture, plates, bowls and crosses.  “I like to sand and paint the furniture,” John says. John also enjoys volunteering in the community, as well as Bible study and prayer.


Canvases are a one-of-a-kind product created by our very talented student, Michael.  Michael has many gifts, including being able to copy any font you place in front of him. “I like painting them and doing the lettering on them,” Michael says of his canvases. Michael also enjoys Special Olympics, going out into the community and choir.


Patricia works hard at any task or project she is given. Her determination and work ethic are constant examples to others. She continues to grow in her faith through Bible study and prayer. “I love Bible study, cooking and learning different products,” Patricia says.


Tyler is one of our window guys. He also enjoys sanding and painting the furniture.  Tyler is a lot of fun to be around and has the gift of making anyone smile. Tyler loves to learn new things and to study God’s Word. “I have a great time at Pathways,” he says.


Clark is one of our go to painters.  He always works on creating a one of a kind product with a smile on his face.  He enjoys participating in numerous activities such as choir, Special Olympics, and Bible study.  Clark has an amazing heart for the Lord and loves spending time with his friends at Pathways. 


Rachel is a very talented artist.  She takes her job very serious and loves producing crosses, jewelry, and Oklahoma’s.  She enjoys learning about God, worshiping, and participating in Special Olympics.  She is always working with a happy heart and singing her heart out.


Kayla is a very passionate person, and an athlete at heart.  She enjoys spending time with her friends and participating in Special Olympics.  “ I like painting, working on clay, and making crosses”, says Kayla.   


Raeann does every task she is assigned with a smile on her face.  She enjoys spending time with her friends, and cares for each of them.  Raeann is not only an artist but an athlete and sings in the Pathways choir.  “I love coffee staining, painting, and working on the ornaments.”


Katy is a friend to everyone.  Not only is she an artist, but she is also involved in the Pathways choir, loves Bible Study, and enjoys cooking with her friends.  “I like staining, painting, and making soap.”